Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Cosplay Idea #6 - Piers Nivans (China Outfit)

Character Name: Piers Nivans
Origin: Video Game - Resident Evil 6
Height: Just average (although I'm pretty tall and it didn't matter!)
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Hair Length: Short
Personality: Loyal, committed, professional.

So this was my costume for MCM EXPO the weekend just gone.  It was slightly rushed because I didn't realise I was going until a couple of weeks before, so some of it isn't entirely accurate, and I was very worried this would be picked up on and no one would really recognise the character.  HOWEVER!  I had the absolute best time, met the best people, and everyone complimented the costume and recognised who I was :)

I'm Piers, on the right!

So the first thing you notice about Piers is his military uniform.  Most of it is generic uniform, but with adjustments and alterations.  The t-shirt is very hard to find, and unless you can sew like a genius you're never going to get it dead on.  So I went to an outdoors clothing place and found a cream long-sleeve shirt for £3.49 and settled for that, and I'm very glad I did!  I only used a BSAA badge as an accessory to the t-shirt simply because I didn't have time to get the other badges, and I just bought one off eBay.  The vest on top of the jacket is also very hard to find, or I might just be looking at the wrong thing entirely, but I just got a forest-camo flak jacket and it did the job nicely, it contrasted enough with the t-shirt too so it stood out.  On to the jacket, I just used the velcro backing to the pouch on the breast pocket to securely strap on a pistol magazine pouch.  The final touch I made was strapping some spiral cord thing around the front a little to give off the impressions of having a radio.

The trousers are simply digital-camo trousers.  The reasons for this is because I couldn't find any other fitting trousers and also this camo pattern is American, so I wouldn't actually be confused with an actual soldier!  And especially with the events in Woolwich, that could be quite dangerous as well.  The trousers were fine though, and since the pattern on Piers's knee pads are digital-camo too, it made a nice contrast.

The final additions are a pair of tan coloured boots, and the most important item of all: the neck scarf!  The neck scarf can also be called a shemagh, or a sniper veil, so if you're having a hard time looking for one, give those a few searches.  The one I actually used was actually a lighter colour than it should have been, but the fact that any form of neck scarf is easily recognised as Piers makes it a very versatile accessory.


Piers has his main gun, the Anti Material Rifle, and then a default assault rifle/UMP sort of gun, then throughout the game he obtains a shotgun, another sniper rifle and a grenade launcher.  The Anti Material Rifle itself is basically a giant sniper rifle.  I don't have much knowledge on the best place to buy prop guns, or airsoft guns, and I have no experience in making prop versions of my own, so I simply strapped a holster to my leg and spray painted a plastic handgun black.  The majority of people I saw from the Resident Evil universe also used handguns.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Cosplay Idea #5 - Kirito (Level 1 Costume)

Character Name: Kirito
Origin: Anime and Light Novel called Sword Art Online
Height: The character is small, although anyone can pull it off
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Hair Length: Medium
Personality: Selfless, Proud, Determined, quite Quiet though
Accessories: A sword (details on it later)

I went to London MCM Expo in October and I'd started watching SAO not long before that, so the character of Kirito was fresh in my mind.  I'd love to have done his final costume but I just don't have the sewing skills or the funds to make one.  So I decided upon his first level costume featured in Episode 2.

The starting point for this cosplay is the long-sleeved blue t-shirt, I bought one from eBay for £2.50 so they can be bought very easily and cheaply online.  Any shade will do.  On top of this is his white vest, I just used an old gym top, cut around it so the shape was the same, and then outlined it with a Shapie.  It's important to make sure it's a tight fit, that way it won't blow around or get damaged.  The trousers are pretty gereneric, just wear either cargo pants or the darkest jeans you can find.  Buckle up with a belt and they're sorted.  The next step is obtaining some fingerless gloves, but this isn't hard.  If you can't find any, online shopping is once again the best option.  They can be of any material but for authenticity, leather would be best.  Note, if you use leather, make sure it's a thin leather.  He just wears some simple boots.

The Sword

A major part of SAO is as the name suggests, swords!  Kirito has some excellent swords throughout the series, but his Level 1 sword is just simply a generic longsword.  I used the blue Nerf Sword because it also fitted with his later level costume before he obtains the Elucidator.  You just need to strap this onto a belt and buckle that diagonally around your hcest and you're done!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Cosplay Accessory #1 - Pokéball

Usefull for: Pokémon costumes, decoration

For my Pokémon Silver cosplay, see 'Cosplay Idea #4 - Pokémon Trainer Silver', it was a good idea to have a pokéball accessory.  After trying to search for one, I soon realised that it would cost quite a bit to buy, and only being available on sites like Amazon and eBay, but costing so much since they were either collectors items or having to be imported from China/Japan!

So I went round some craft shops and ending up making for like, 50p!!  And it doesn't look half bad either.  It was a very rushed, but if enough time is spent making it, then it'll look great!

My Pokéball ^.^
I went to the Bouyes Shop in my town and they have a craft section where they sell polystyrene balls, just big enough to comfortably sit in your hand, for about 40p.  Then I just used a black marker to get the divide between the red and white, then just a used a thick Flowpen to colour the red, leaving the bottom half as it is since it's already white.  I was really happy with it, and its pretty durable so I still have it!

Like I say, this was very rished so the marker pen outlining the black is uneven and if I was to do it again, I'd spend a whole lot more time on it!  And it was in my school bag, so it got a little dented.

Cosplay Idea #4 - Pokémon Trainer Silver!

Character Name:  Pokemon Trainer Silver
Origin:  Pokemon Silver/Soul Silver
Height:  Medium to tall, although it doesn't matter too much
Eye Colour:  N/A
Hair Colour:  Dark Brown/Black/Blue/Purple
Hair Length:  Not too long, but quite big especially at the front
Personality:  Quiet but heroic
Accessories: Pokémon cap, pokéball, pokédex, and maybe some gym badges

So this was my costume for my last day at Sixth Form!!  It was really fun because not a lot of people do it, but so many recognise it!  Its not very difficult, cost me about £20 including accessories, and is very practical!

For the jacket, I just went shopping and looked for something red, but the material is quite important.  Something cotton won't do.  I don't have a clue what mine is made from, but its a bit like PVC.....I think.  But still, it looks like a chav would wear this.  Just a red hoodie will do.  Mine was from Primark, just look there!

The shorts are just black/dark coloured shorts.  They do tie in at the end, but this isn't entirely necessary.  If like me you are on a small budget and don't want to spend money on a new pair of shorts that tie in, when you have a perfectly good pair in your drawers, then by all means use just ordinary shorts!  I did, it makes very little difference.  It just depends whether you want to be completely accurate.

I wanted a truly authentic pokémon cap, so I bought one off eBay.  It was £8 but its probably the part of the costume which people will recognise you for, so you can't settle for second best!  Most caps off eBay fit all sizes, so you needn't worry about that!

For shoes, well good luck finding ones like the picture!  Just some pumps or trainers will do just fine.

If you're interested in making a pokéball, then read my post entitled 'Cosplay Accessory #1 - Pokéball".

Me in my Costume!!
On the right arm (the characters left) he wears a Pokétch, but this is not essential, it looks difficult to replicate and takes more time and money than it worth. If you're good with crafts and electronics or something along those lines, then feel free to make one!  But I just didn't bother because all my attempts looked nothing like the real thing.

I had the idea to make gym badges, but never got round to it.  I had a small black case, and you could just make or print some 2-D badges from Pokémon Silver and blu-tac them to the base of the case. But since it was for school, I didn't want to have to carry it round with me.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Cosplay Idea #3 - Miwa Taishi!

Character Name:  Miwa Taishi
Origin:  Manga/Anime and TCG called Cardfight!! Vanguard
Height:  Medium to tall, although it doesn't matter too much
Eye Colour:  Blue
Hair Colour:  Blonde
Hair Length:  Not too long, but quite big
Personality:  Very friendly guy who is impossible to dislike, very loyal
Accessories:  A deck of Cardfight!! Vanguard cards (preferably Kagero) but not essential

As a fan of the anime, this character stood out to me because he actually had a friendly personality unlike the majority of the cast.  The costume doesn't look relatively hard too.

School Uniform

Most the time he's on the show Miwa is in his school uniform, so it's pretty simple.  The suit is blue, and in the anime its a deep blue, but in other shots it get lighter, so there's no right or wrong in terms of shade.  The important thing is the white trim of the suit, and its pocket, which can be sewn on to the suit.  There's a navy blue tie, which is thin, as well a white shirt.  With red trainers, the costume is complete.  Its fairly simple, but finding an appropriate suit could be tricky, depending where you live.  Just be cheery and you've accomplished an accurate cosplay!

If you have a character in mind but not sure how to do it, please leave a comment and I'll try and post my interpretation of it! 

Friday, 13 April 2012

Cosplay Idea #2 - Eiri Yuki!

Character Name:  Eiri Yuki
Origin:  Manga/Anime called Gravitation
Height:  Preferably tall, and lean
Eye Colour:  Dark Brown/Olive
Hair Colour:  Blonde
Hair Length:  Reaching to the bottom of his neck, just quite messy
Personality:  Bit of a douche, not really caring for anyone but yourself
Accessories:  Cigarettes (candy sticks!), and if possible a small ear ring, although not too important. Oh, and possible some reading glasses!

My first ever cosplay...it failed on so many levels!  But it was very last minute on a £1 budget so I didn't have much to work with!

Generic Costume

The costume itself isn't hard to make or find, it's just that he doesn't have one iconic outfit.  I just went for some generic suit.  WARNING: IF YOU WANT PEOPLE TO RECOGNISE YOU, DON'T GO AS EIRI!  Not one person recognised me because he isn't too well known, and just isn't recognisible.  It's literally just a suit.  It was not a problem for me because the Sixth Form I go to require you to wear a suit!  Even just some smart trousers and shirt will do!  Just look very smart!  The £1 budget went on candy sticks.  These are pretty much the only thing that's recognisable about him, as he's a smoker.  I bought like, 5 packs because I know I'd just eat them, so always buy plenty.  Just give yourself a side parting and you should be fine!


A difficult cosplay to explain, because obviously everyone wants to be recognised, and since my parents didn't want me going to London in some big costume because they thought people would beat me up, so going to a huge conevntion with huge amazing costumes and it kinda looks like you're not even in costume is almost heart-breaking.  BUT!!! HOPE IS NOT LOST!!!  If you've ever watched or read Gravitation, you'll realise how amazing it is, and develop connections with the characters.  To me, you cosplay a character who you've bonded with, you're fond, and is your favourite.  Eiri is one of my favourite anime characters ever, so personally, it felt good to be their representing my favourite character!  (how cheesy, I know! -_-)

Cosplay Idea #1 - Peeta Mellark!

Character Name:  Peeta Mellark
Origin:  Book/Film called The Hunger Games
Height:  Any, but stocky might pull it off better
Eye Colour:  Blue
Hair Colour:  Ash Blonde
Hair Length:  Medium, just quite messy
Personality:  Confident and enthusiastic guy
Accessories:  Nothing essential, maybe a backpack

I've just seen the film and loved this character I started to think about how you could cosplay him.  He has a few costumes in the film, but I'll be focusing on two in particular: the training costume, and the arena costume.

Training Costume

It's hard to find a good picture, but this is essentially it.  A District 12 training shirt (with a zip at the front).  These can be found on eBay, although it can be quite pricey.  Since I live in Britain, its about £40, and for those of you who live in the USA, I'm sure there is some converter online to find out how much it is in dollars.  The trousers have the same pattern, black mainly with white stripes outline with red.  What I think is the most important feature about these (and the top) is that its not cotton, if you were to go to Primark (British joke) and buy one from there, it'd look silly.  Its some Polyester/Spandex material, which is why it could be expensive.  But for a major blockbuster hit, it can be easily recognised, and in Britain, £40 is so cheap compared to other cosplay costumes.  The boots are just normal leather you can get at a lot of places, just your stereotypical army boots.

Arena Costume

This is when The Hunger Games begin, and Peeta starts the fight for survival.  This will be much cheaper, and if the expo is over a weekend, it can be a cheaper alternative for a day thing.  Its just a black t-shirt, which can be very cheap, and some green/khaki cargo pants.  The only tricky part is the boots, although its not very hard.  If you want to use different Peeta costumes and already have boots (e.g. the ones mentioned for the Training Costume) then they'll do, but if you've got some money left over and want to spice up the costume to make different, then a wise investment is some men's black or dark brown ankle boots, with a quite a few buckles.  It can be hard to pick the right one, but any would look great.  If you're strapped for cash, some simply army boots will do nicely.


Peete is a fairly easy costume to make, it can be expensive if you want an authentic Training Costume, but its a good place to start for new cosplayers.  Since this is my first cosplay idea, PLEASE comment about what you liked about it and what you didn't.  Maybe there was too much opinion writting and you only wanted bare facts, or maybe more pictures and less text.  Please let me know!